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A List of Medical Expenses

Clients so often call to ask if one or another expense can be deducted as a medical expense. There are the obvious ones, like visits to the doctor, dentist and chiropractor. It is clear these are deductible. But what about maternity clothes? Or acupuncture? Well the former is not allowed and the latter is. So here's a list of some unusual ones that can be deducted:

Acupuncture, alcoholism (treatment, meals and lodging while at the center), ambulance service, artificial limbs and teeth, braille books/magazines, dyslexia language training, a doctor recommended (in writing) exercise program for a specific condition, eye surgery for nearsightedness, fertility treatment (if medical condition required it), legal fees paid to authorize treatment for mental illness, lifetime care advance payments (if part of the advance fee is allocated to medical care and the percentage is specified in the agreement with the retirement home, mattresses and boards bought specifically to alleviate an arthritic condition, wheelchairs, guide dogs (including their food and vet costs), Medicare Parts B, C, and D and A if not covered under Social Security), entire cost for medical care, including meals and lodging if the main reason for residence is to obtain medical care, reclining chair on doctor's written advice, smoking cessation programs (no doctor recommendation necessary), tuition for a mentally disabled person, prescribed therapeutic swimming costs, weight loss program prescribed by doctor for obesity or other specific condition.

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