Past Due

If you didn't file a past year tax return and have not yet received a notice from the IRS, you will. And if you don't respond to their notice, they'll file a tax return for you and it most likely will not include expenses and deductions you're entitled to. What they determine you owe is not likely to be correct.

That's not the end of it. Eventually, they'll contact your bank and your employer and just about everyone else within their purview to file a lien on your assets and wages, followed by a levy.

Whatever point you're at in this scenario, it is wise to seek assistance from a professional. One place to start is to obtain the records that are on file with the IRS, including wages and other income you received, as well as bank interest, mortgage interest, stock transactions and cancelled debt. If this sounds overwhelming; it can be. For one thing, you may not have all your records from past years. You may need to reconstruct your income and expenses.

If you'd like to file a tax return for a previous year, Viera Tax can help. We provide excellent services, including the time necessary to accurately reconstruct financial reports and to prepare accurate tax returns. We've helped clients negotiate a plan to pay off any tax liability that is too large to handle at once. If this is your current situation, we are confident we have the resources, knowledge and skills to work with you to properly file your tax returns, and accurately determine whether you owe the IRS or are due a refund for a past year.

It's not a good idea not to open a notice from the IRS.  It is worse to ignore responding to it. If you don't want to talk directly with the IRS yourself or you don't have the time to wait on hold for an extremely long time or if you just can't find the number to call, we can help. We talk with the IRS just about every day; we have a Special Priority Number that we are able to reach them on and we actually do have this on speedial on our phone system.

Don't wait until it's too late. Call (321) 775-8186 to schedule an appointment and explore your options.

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